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Our online exhibitions provide an enriched digital landscape to explore

Drawing from the Well

A new monthly series that connects artists with archival material to inspire new art.



A monthly series showcasing compositions of tunes by contemporary composers in the traditional idiom.


From the Bridge: A View of Irish Traditional Music in New York

A digital exhibition of Irish music and its unique relationship with New York.


Furls of Music: Michael McNamara Collection

A digital exhibition based on field recordings made by Leitrim flute player Michael McNamara from 1959 to mid-1990s.


Dusty Bluebells

An exhibition based on field recordings made by Hugh Shields in 1961-1975 from informants aged from four to eighty seven.


Stephen Grier Manuscripts

In collaboration with the current custodian of the Grier Collection, Hugh Maguire, the ten music manuscripts in Grier’s hand (plus 4 others that accompany the collection) have been digitised and made publicly available for the first time.


A Grand Time: Newfoundland

Discover, explore and remember the traditions of Newfoundland’s Cape Shore.


James Goodman Manuscripts

James Goodman (1828−1896), a native of Dingle, Co. Kerry, was a canon of the Church of Ireland and Professor of Irish at Trinity College Dublin (TCD). During his lifetime he compiled an exceptional music and song manuscript collection which was deposited in TCD Library following his death, and is now available online.


Shamrock, Rose & Thistle

Shamrock, Rose and Thistle: Folk Singing in North Derry is a classic collection-study made by Hugh Shields of seventy-four traditional songs in English which he recorded in the field from 1961 to 1975 in Magilligan, north Co Derry. The exhibition makes this long-out-of-print book accessible online, along with the original source recordings and photographs of the performers.


Litmus linked Irish Traditional Music