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“​Of late I have often found myself captivated by rocks and stones in the Irish landscape – stones that have been moved by human touch and that have weathered in walls and quiet places for hundreds of years.”

Barry Kerr, 2021
Connemara Box Blayer / Barry Kerr, artist

“In traditional bardic culture, the terrain/landscape was studied, discussed and referenced: every place had its legend and its own identity. Dinnseanchas, the lore and celebration of place names, was a feature of this poetic topography; what endured was the mythic landscape, providing escape and inspiration … writing poems and songs in praise of place.”

Liam O'Flynn

“As I worked through the collection it was the little insights into Liam’s thoughts that really stood out for me. Notes on musicians such as Willie Clancy and Séamus Ennis, his correspondence with the poet Seamus Heaney, all of it magically insightful.”

Barry Kerr, 2021
Maguire's Set / Barry Kerr, artist

“… it gave me feelings I have never experienced before … and I think I then realised that music is not something you listen to but something you experience … feelings that stir the soul - music making that reflects the soul.”

Liam O'Flynn
An Bailitheoir Ceoil / Barry Kerr, artist

“composers are drawn back to their childhoods, it is a source of their first experiences. Nostalgia is a rich playground of the emotions.”

Liam O'Flynn
The Poacher at Dusk / Barry Kerr, artist
The Travelling Piper / Barry Kerr, artist