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Irish-American Music Cultures Symposium at TUDublin

ITMA was among the group of Arts Council of Ireland strategically funded organisations who recently participated in a workshop hosted by the Arts Council to learn more about the Safe to Create Code, and its range of recently published resources.

Safe to Create Craft
The resources and information available from Safe to Create along with those offered by Minding Creative Minds, are very useful for anyone participating in the Irish arts sector. Click the links to visit both sites.

ITMA also welcomed the announcement of the launch of the report A safe and respectful working environment in the arts published by the Joint Committee on Tourism, Culture, Arts, Sport and Media in September 2022 as well as The Irish Theatre Institute’s SPEAK UP: A Call for Change in October 2021. We commend the valuable and much-needed work of the many organisations and individuals involved.

ITMA is aware of the issues raised in the reports and are scrutinising the publications to identify ways in which we can further align our policies and actions with best practice, in order to play our role in creating a better environment for our users and staff.

For example, we are reviewing the ITMA Employee Handbook, policies and procedures for artists performing at ITMA events and tours, and staff are undertaking Screen Ireland’s online training courses. ITMA conducts a formal reflection on Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) targets versus achievements, and assesses gender balance achievements in our programming on an annual basis.

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