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Andrea Palandri sitting holding a fiddle.

Andrea Palandri performs Pádraig O’Keeffe tunes for World Fiddle Day 2021

Learn to play a selection of 21 tunes chosen from the Pádraig O’Keeffe manuscripts at the Irish Traditional Music Archive by fiddle player Andrea Palandri for World Fiddle Day 2021.

Andrea Palandri World Fiddle Day 2021

Untitled [tune no. 28], polka ; Untitled [tune no. 85], polka / Andrea Palandri, fiddle

Untitled [Ladies cup of tea] [tune no. 30], reel ; Untitled [Murphy's] [tune no. 59], reel / Andrea Palandri, fiddle

Untitled [tune no. 7], jig ; Untitled [tune no. 8], jig ; Untitled [tune no. 9], jig / Andrea Palandri, fiddle

Untitled [tune no. 104], slide ; Untitled [tune no. 27], slide / Andrea Palandri, fiddle